About Nova Soccer

Have you got the Soccer Fever?

We all love sports, but Soccer has something special that has moved millions of people around the globe!

Nova Soccer is a Junior Soccer Academy based in Perth, Western Australia catering for girls and boys between the ages of 5 to 15 years old. We are all about well-being, learning new skills and making life-long friends while having lots of fun.

We aim to teach children of all ages and expertise to learn about soccer in a fun and social environment. Soccer is a great way for children to stay fit and healthy while increasing coordination, strength, and flexibility and most importantly learning about teamwork.

Team-based sports and activities are vital to a child’s growth and social development, increase communication skills and have fun. Soccer improves focus and attention, especially in younger children and it also allows children to develop relationships with their teammates, promoting social and mental awareness and developing physical prowess.

Nova Soccer – giving children the chance to follow their dreams!

Game On! with Nova Soccer

Whether you join our School Holidays Camps, the daily after school programs or our weekend training sessions, fun will always be there!

Get that team spirit!

We are all about encouraging kids to understand that the best way to win is as a team while staying fit and healthy!

Become faster and better

Train like the pros with professional technical training ensuring that your child reaches their goal.

Meet new friends

Soccer is the perfect way for kids to socialise in a healthy environment; You know life does not happen on the TV or the video game console...

Keep track of your Progress

Online reports and video analysis available to keep track of your child's improvements.

Kick some goals

Soccer without goals is the same as a life without objectives, just remember the fun part is in between!


We have a diverse team of professional soccer coaches, by mixing local and internationally experienced trainers we guarantee the kids learn techniques from all over the world.

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